IXEG - International X-Plane Engineering Group

IXEG consists of some of the most experienced designers in XP.  Most of us having  engineering background and real aircraft flying experience. All of us have individually been pushing the limits in X-Plane aircraft development for decades.  However, times have changed, and XP has matured in such a way that individuals no longer can raise the bar in developing on their own.  This is why IXEG was born!

So, who are we?

At this point we want the focus to be on the huge team effort that IXEG is.  We want you to judge the project from what you see and and not from what we have done before.  This project is so much more.  We want this project to have an impact in the entire flightsim community where no-one knows who we are anyway.  IXEG is who we are!