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As we near our 5th year of development work on the 737, even we have to ask ourselves, when will this get done? why is it taking so long? is it even worth it?


Clearly we do not know the answer to the first question. We do have "signs" though about how far along we are and I think the team agree we are 'pretty close'. As to why it has taken so long, if we knew it would take this long beforehand, we might not have even begun working on it; however, seeing where we are today though and where the state of airliner simulation is for x-plane and even flight simulation in general, we are very glad that we are still at it and are taking the path that we are taking.

Because our small team have been flight simulation enthusiasts for a good while, we are obviously 'up to speed' with the state of airliner simulation features. Even today, we are seeing folks asking for features that are not implemented in current products, products that have been out for many years. If you add the 'time on market' plus the development time, some products are more than 7 years old and still do not simulate features to the level we feel our product has today.

We, like other developer teams, face the conundrum of balancing development time vs. cash flow. If we have no cash flow to support the development time, then we have limited options. One is to 'short sale' the product in an incomplete state to generate cash flow, but such a tactic has a few consequences. One consequence is that you can rush the architectural phase and develop something that you cannot update easily, and once the cash starts flowing, then the incentive to improve a particular product goes away. It is very common to see developers develop products with a rapid turn-around to keep the cash flow going from the 'newness' of a product, much like a drug habit (or so we hear!). Also, a 'de-featured' product tends to grow old quickly with the user base and doesn't provide the long-term satisfaction we are wanting.

The other option is to do the work in our 'free time', thereby allowing us to generate cash flow from other endeavors, which for the IXEG team, means our normal jobs. All of our team members are mature members of their industries and are very good at what they do, getting promotions and more responsibilities along the way. They bring that same professionalism and patience to this project but they cannot forgo such attention to detail to their normal jobs or their families either and so the time frame 'is what it is'. We are fortunate that our team members are very stable and will be here to see the project through. So what do we get for our patience?...and the final question, is it worth it?

It is time to confess that we have a beta-team in place already and though they really only have an 'alpha' version, we are very close to getting them something much further along and closer to a beta version. We have witnessed first-hand the human nature of being left 'wanting' after the honeymoon. What we mean by this is we have had people say, "go ahead and give us what you have" and for a few days, it is great. After that short period though, they quickly come back and say, 'what about feature A, when are you putting that in?', and we realize that cutting features before they're complete simply leaves us all waiting longer, and in some cases, for the 'next product', which could take an even longer time.

So the task set before us is simple. If we want to have the 'next generation' of simulation quality, accuracy and features, then we simply have to keep at it and this is one thing we do well. Those who have followed the project have seen the progress, from no 3D to 3D, from no lnav to lnav, from no exterior to 3D exterior and from no custom sounds to a custom sound engine, etc.

We believe this year will be our year, but we do not know exactly when, we work on it regularly as time permits. The FMS is a long way along, but a few critical things remain. We have all been around the block long enough to know the dangers and dejection of early releases and feature incomplete products. All of us have probably had that feeling of "we wish they would have taken just a bit longer to get it right". That's what IXEG chooses to do given our circumstances. We hope you will agree when you finally experience it.

A quick word regarding the 'teaser videos'. The goal of the videos is not one of marketing, though it clearly has an effect to that end and that is a bit of a side benefit. We are simply tired of finding out how deep a product simulation was AFTER we bought it. It has always been our goal to put our money where our mouth is and a video speaks volumes about what a product is actually like to use for the end user. We do not release videos at any particular milestone, there is no schedule, we simply do them whenever we want to show some aspect of the simulation, whether it is a systems feature or a usability feature or just to show we are making progress. More videos may or may not be forthcoming in the future, certainly the latest ones show a lot of features that do not need to be shown repeatedly.

So we will continue on as we have time, finish up and polish what needs to be polished and then we will package and release it, and we believe it will be worth the patience!



  • Comment Link Monday, 06 July 2015 16:33 posted by Fede

    I have followed the work you have done and it would be a shame to abandon what is probably the best plane out there for X-plane, by far. And believe me, I have tried a lot of them, from Carenado to Ramzzess, none of the which show the level of depth you have accomplished in many systems.

    One obvious project is x737 by EADT. They have been developing it for a long time as well, and they are not even close to the videos you have shown, though they do have a great solid product.

    Your plane will be definitely a very much welcome paid plane to the community. So please keep at it, and please don't be silent for so long. Word will be spread and I'm sure you will do fine once released, but being silent is just another way to hurt the project expectation. A blog post every now and then is a good way to keep people interested.

    Good luck and hope to see some news soon! Specially those great teaching videos, which BTW, are the best out there, and I hope, even when the plane is released, that Jan will still have some time to teach us more for us simmers interested in learning every aspect of this fine airplane!


  • Comment Link Saturday, 09 May 2015 07:39 posted by Alexandre Mihanovich

    Wow, men. You know this is gonna be THE best x-plane aircraft, dontcha? And you know what that means, right? That youy're gonna have to a 747as well. HA! Any information on the minimum reuirementsfor this? Looks like it's gonna need a big GPU and lots of memory?

    Thanks. And congratulations.

  • Comment Link Friday, 08 May 2015 16:10 posted by Roland

    So many "sincere" messages to please not release anytime soon. *Chuckle* There's no shame in wanting stuff sooner rather than later ppl.

    Almost all of the messages here are about convincing one self how incredibly patient you are. Can't you people just wait in silence, or talk about anything else than your dubious claims about patience threshold?

  • Comment Link Thursday, 07 May 2015 13:36 posted by LAURENT

    Dear IXEG Team,
    Thanks for sharing ! As an entrepreneur myself I admire your dedication to deliver a good work and it is respectful.
    As you mentioned, you are at an alpha or close to a Beta version, then why not suggest a pre-purchase mode for simmers that are willing to invest in a good product ?? Lot's of companies nowadays pre-sale a lot of their new products to premium buyers...
    Personally and looking at the amount of work you have accomplished, I would definitely prepay a partial amount of your product's sale price to see a faster delivery !!! It's not like you have a long time to finish, your product is almost there ! At least you would be able to track and measure your product's success !

    At least you have me as a strong supporter of such ventures in quality products for the flightsim community ! As an ex 737 & DC10 pilot, you have an outsanding and realistic product !


  • Comment Link Sunday, 19 April 2015 02:19 posted by Adachi

    Thanks for the update IXEG, your videos are superb and the detail and work gone into this aircraft is outstanding. It is hugely appreciated.

  • Comment Link Sunday, 12 April 2015 02:59 posted by zulukiloxp

    Excellent news guys! You have the correct philosophy! Looking forward to this excellent aircraft from all of your hard work. Many thanks :)

  • Comment Link Saturday, 11 April 2015 01:33 posted by Mark

    Going to get a 737 Type rating in the classic in a few weeks. Just having the panels available to practice going through checklists would be so very awesome!

  • Comment Link Thursday, 09 April 2015 17:35 posted by The Project

    From a buyers standpoint, you should release the aircraft as soon as possible because people are getting pissed off with the 5 year wait. Just release the aircraft, have the updates, and get your money. People have been patient for a very long time but nobody has 5 years worth of patience.

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 07 April 2015 16:58 posted by Toine 737 guy

    Ok ixeg look at this plane is done and has been scince like 2010 please just release and fix the minor Niggels and bugs in a post release update if you set it as your goal to make a post release uptate I'm sure you will acheve that with in a month after release please just put in on the xplane store tomorrow I think we have waited long enough and from all the videos and all the images I've seen it looks done if you keep it and keep adding more and more features and making it more and more complex it will be to hard for any machine to run with other stuff like addon scenery and plug ins and stuff please just shut up and take my money

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 31 March 2015 05:56 posted by Jayden Boudreau

    Thats great! Please do take your time because I do get the feeling often that "This particular developer could have spent more time here improving this". I've been outside the X Plane spectrum for two years as my old desktop caught fire. But I can say that many pay ware aircraft would be fun for a little while but after some time they get old and I don't want to use them because of the lack of features. If I'm going to spend what little I make then I want something that will put make me learn it inside and out. Take it up in the sim and test fly it, learn what the plane does and how to properly fly it from Point A to point B. I want this plane to frustrate me during the learning process. I want to feel the feeling of accomplishment when I have successfully flown it for the first time with no screw ups. If I can't get that from a product then it's not worth buying. There are few products for X plane that can actually give me this feeling. Carenado is among the ones who can as I'm a sucker for some GA aircraft. Not all they put out makes me smile but hey I do love the C337 Skymaster. FlyJSim is the only other. The 727-200 being my favorite aircraft in existence is fun for me to fly every time. It took me a while to figure out that if I leave the engines at Max throttle for too long that they'll overheat and catch fire. I love something that you have to be engaged with and micromanage the whole flight. Other than those two developers no one else is even worth my time. I can already tell that from your videos, which i've watched every single one, that your 737 will keep me engaged for the whole time I use it. From the time I start the sim to the time I call it quits. And for the future I hope that when I customer reports back that maybe something can be tweaked to achieve ultimate realism, that you listen instead of brushing us aside. I've personally dealt with developers who simply don't care about tweaking something. All they care about is that their aircraft looks and preforms somewhat like the real thing and they just want their money so they can go about their day. It's a shame honestly as I know that the model could be so much better if the slight performance issue was fixed. Cannot wait for the release and hopefully the price for the aircraft will agree with my wallet. Take care!

  • Comment Link Sunday, 29 March 2015 18:52 posted by Michal

    will be 737-400/500 ?

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 24 March 2015 19:14 posted by Juan Carlos

    From my point of view after this long wait, I prefer to wait another year and buy a plane of high quality. A version only half done would be a disappointment.

    Congratulations on this great project


  • Comment Link Monday, 23 March 2015 13:33 posted by Matthias

    Thank you for the update and for all your hard work in general!

    This project was/is one of the reasons that made me switch to XP10, and I will definitely get this, no matter if it's released 2015 or 2016, if it's $50 or $100.
    Keep up the awesome work and the love to details and accurate systems modeling!


  • Comment Link Monday, 23 March 2015 11:02 posted by toine

    can we have an idea of cost

  • Comment Link Saturday, 21 March 2015 15:46 posted by Pedro Rego

    One of the fundamental rules of aviation... Do not rush things! But it sure feels good to know that IXEG team is reaching the end of the development phase. We really gonna have to study this beauty and learn how it works or some flights might not end well ;)

    Cheers IXEG team and all of you who patiently await the maiden flight!

  • Comment Link Friday, 20 March 2015 19:34 posted by Ben

    This is one product I must have, and patience is well deserved.. So don't Rush my funds are on standby awaiting to spend, like the CRJ-200, no hesitation.. Looking forward to your release product, quality has been a thing of mine, no exceptions.. and I LOVE what I see and I WANT IT!! :-)

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 18 March 2015 22:43 posted by Marcelo Dias

    Eu aqui do Brasil também estou esperando ansiosamente o lançamento! Belo trabalho! Só vou deixar o FSX quando essa aeronave for lançada.

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 18 March 2015 00:52 posted by Don Dormehl


    Keep up the good work! You certainly have my money when it is released!

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 17 March 2015 16:18 posted by Graham Sanders

    Thanks for the update. I know it must be agonizing trying to balance all of the factors involved.

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 17 March 2015 09:34 posted by Paco Galindo

    Thanks a LOT for this update guys!!! I do appreciate your efforts and hard work making this plane possible, keep it up!

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 17 March 2015 05:18 posted by Nick Smith

    The videos look fantastic and you have nothing but the community's support.

    Keep plugging away and doing it "your way". The wait will be worth it!


  • Comment Link Tuesday, 17 March 2015 00:38 posted by Antony Curran

    Thanks for the update so looking forward to flying your 737.

    Roll on your next video :)

  • Comment Link Monday, 16 March 2015 21:17 posted by Matt Attwell

    Wow, kind of randomly found you guys on YouTube vids.
    Rain effects are stunning, keep pushing it forwards and don't be shy about the price! I reckon $75 would be the sweet spot.

  • Comment Link Monday, 16 March 2015 21:00 posted by FSSteven

    Good and faithful story. Thank you and the development is really appreciated since it's like a real mathematical flying airplane now! =)

  • Comment Link Monday, 16 March 2015 20:34 posted by Rasmus Johansson

    Thank you for the update! The project is progressing really well and even though we are waiting eagerly for the release we do appreciate the attention to detail you are putting into it. I do hope that you stick to your plan to not release it before you are completely certain it is finished up to your standard. I know you do have a full alpha/beta team testing the plane but don't hesitate to shoot me an email if you need additional testers.

    Keep up the good work, I can't wait to fly the aircraft once it is released!

  • Comment Link Monday, 16 March 2015 19:47 posted by Aljaz

    Thanks guys. I've discovered you only recently because I do not fly X-Plane but you've made me change my mind. Your product not only includes deep modeling of the systems, but it also looks so real. More real than majority or even all the things in FSX.

    And then there are you guys. I admire your enthusiasm, motto, dedication, your minds are focused on getting things done the way they should be done and not onaly getting money from your costumers, you are very practical (perhaps your German heritage) and man do I like it. It feels like I'm not only waiting for the supperb 737 but also for the idea behind a product that's been made by passion, dedication and precision.

    You have my full support in every aspect, keep on the good work.

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