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What is systems simulation?

You push a button in a cockpit and a light is supposed to light up and it does when the button is pushed,is that systems simulation?


Not to us! That light requires power to light up and if the power to the light is not provided, the light will not light up. If the light is burnt out it will not light up or if the switch that activates the light is broken the light will not light up. If the wiring between the switch and the light or the system between the switch and light is broken, the light will not light up. Do we simulate to this level? Not quite to this level but not far off and we can implement that level of detail in the future if we desire. We probably will not of course because it just does not involve the pilot to that level but modeling our systems in this way allow us to model them more easily to whatever level of detail we choose.

X-Plane system simulation is relatively simple and very limited. To simulate systems on something like the a 737, you have to bypass most of x-plane's default systems and develop your own. That is what we have done for the 737 for all core power generating systems: electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic. We start by simulating power generation the way the aircraft does, by batteries, generators and pumps. We then simulate systems downstream of these power generators in a cascading manner. I have seen products where the authorwill simulate a system and it will still work even when the plane is shut down. That is not good and certainly not correct.

By starting at the power sources and attaching all our components to these sources, we can ensure the components respond just as they do in reality. We model pressures, voltages, flow rates and a myriad of other entities and then derive our instrumentation functionality from those entities. This is true systems simulation and we are pushing it as far as x-plane will allow.


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  • Comment Link Monday, 28 December 2015 09:29 posted by Federico

    Congratulation team...I love your approach...it's the most correct to simulate (..but...is it still a simulation? ) in the best way an aircraft for people that aims to get the most realistic flying in front a PC.
    Believe me...knowing that behind a switch that lights up a light there is a complex and realistc logic/systems make me feel like a children into a real dream!

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